WARNING: Cryptomonadales is not Kryptoganic



Simply Nature’s Crypto+ is hands down one of nature’s most complete and powerful foods. With a complete profile of proteins (amino acids), lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, Crypto+ is the food solution for a robust healthy lifestyle. More importantly, with its rich content of nucleic acids, chlorophyll, and Cryptomonadales growth factor (CGF), Crypto+ is a unique source of abundant energy and cell nourishment.

Crypto+ contains 100% pure organic Cryptomonadales, a unique strain of algae researched by renowned health and medical institutes such as the National Health Research Institute (Taiwan). This amazing blue-green algae presents a nutritional profile that has captured the attention of nutritionist, and the focus of world renowned researchers for its potential to treat pandemic diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol.

Division of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research of National Health Research Institute, Taiwan National medical doctors from the Department of Pathology, Taiwan Graduate Institute of Microbiology and Immunology of College of Medicine of National Cheng Kung University National medical doctors from the Department of Pathology and Institute of Molecular Medicine of National Cheng Kung University Institute of Medicinal Chemistry of China Medical College.

Cryptomonadales normalize blood sugar levels for diabetes patients, says institute The National Health Research Institute in Taiwan confirmed research results which showed the effect of Cryptomondales in lowering blood sugar and blood fat in DIABETES PATIENTS.The NHRI reported that after continuously taking doses of Cryptomonadales for 30days, 90 percent of research patients showed a 25 percent decline in blood fat, and the blood sugar levels of diabetes sufferers improved to within healthy limits. NHRI research team Director Su Yi-Ren stated that Cryptomonadales are species of green algae, which, after long established evidence of their ability to reduce blood fat and blood sugar, have now been proven to have those benefitsAccording to sources, Cryptomonadales are a unicellular plant containing chlorophyll, vitamins and high levels of protein. When applied in medication, Cryptomonadales have been used to cure or alleviate many kinds of chronic diseases, including cancer, anemia, lupus, sterility and so on in order to gain scientific proof. NHRI Bio-technology and Medical Research Deputy Director Chien Chih-Sain said that five years ago more than ten patients suffering from heart disease and diabetes were found to have seen an improvement in their health after taking green algae products. Further research found that the curative effects were due to Cryptomonadales.Through clinical observation it has been discovered that clinical diabetes is strongly linked to high blood fat diseases, and Current Medication has serious “side effects”.

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