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My Personal Testimony using Meridian Life - CLEANSE & CYRPTO+

Since the 1990s, I never had the chance to have my bowel movement on a regular or normal basis. The supposed normal or frequency of bowel movement is once a day, 3 times a day or 3 times a week. It highly depends on every person’s bowel habits. Many people don’t mind whether they move their bowel regularly or not. For as long as a person feels comfortable and is not being bothered by their present health condition, things seem to be okay for them. Many people are like that. However, if there are any signs of irregular bowel movement for any individual, one should find time to immediately check with a registered physician for better some important advice and understanding.

Some people think that the normal bowel movement is having 1 movement every day but maybe it’s not applicable for everyone. But according to doctors, the general range is from 3 times a day to 3 times a week. Less than 3 movements a week may indicate that a person is constipated and in the case of 3 or more watery stools a day could lead to diarrhea. In my case it takes 3 to 4 days before I release my body waste. In short I am constipated.

I have tried many different ways and products to have my stool on a daily basis but too no avail. I have also tried different medications and have spent a fortune on it. I drink more than 8 glasses of water everyday but still don’t get good results. I don’t drink coffee. I only eat a little. So there is no reason why should become constipated. I became fully dependent taking “LAXATIVE TEA” regularly without fail. Otherwise, there would be failure to move my bowel regularly. I feel uncomfortable without having it everyday. Being constipated may lead to some colon problem eventually if not properly treated. In my opinion we should have our bowel movement daily because we also eat everyday for at least 3 times a day. So if there is a food intake there should also be a continuous flow to eliminate all the toxins inside our body.

Nowadays, there are so many individuals, including babies alike, who have poor health conditions. There are many contributing factors. One is our food intake. Everyone should watch their diet. But what food now is safe? No chemicals and free from any fertilizer and flavorings‘. Even the water we drink? Was it still safe to drink direct from the faucet? How about those bottled water? How about the vitamins being advertise in the market? Are they really good for the health? We can never say unless we have proven it to ourselves. Sometimes it depends on our body adaptation. Sometimes one medication is ok to person A, however not good to person B. Being stressed out, lack of sleep and disturbed can also lead to some sicknesses. It varies to a person’s lifestyle and habit.

I always asked how we can have a healthy body, free from any illnesses. Wherein all the outside factors are always present and around like smokers, pollution, I always sleep late at night, I don’t drink milk, I don’t eat on time, etc... How??? How can I be physically fit in spite of many contributing factor? How can I avoid being sick? I know my human body is deteriorating day by day. What is the proper vitamins should I take? What brand is reliable? Who should I trust to? What is the right food to eat? How can I help myself as well as my family about health concern especially my dad and my brother are both diabetic? My other brother is suffering from high cholesterol and gout. My sister in-law is suffering from cystic mass. My mother in law is complaining about her arthritis. With so many question hanging in my mind and I’m being stressed and confused though. I want to free myself with the bondage of those health issues but how? Honestly I also tried taking enzymes as an alternative but it did not work for me, although somehow helped some of my family members in a way, especially my sister in law, who at that time, had an incurable ailment. But I can’t totally say that it is the solution to all incurable illnesses.

My friend Norman gave me a sample of Cleanse. Way back then he introduced to me many different food supplements because he knew that I was constipated. I tried all but none of them made me move! Until up to this point when I have tried using CLEANSE. Just as the other food supplements he offered me, I gave it a shot and immediately tried it out. I listened attentively to all the things he had to say about the product. He then provided me a free trial sample; I myself thinking that it would be have the same effect as the previous items he has offered me. To my surprise, it WORKED this time! He finally hit it...CLEANSE - Natural Plant Fibers for Elimination of Toxins In our Body. For cleansing and detoxification all of the toxic wastes which are in our body, to clear our digestive tracts to improve our digestive and nutrient absorption capabilities, we need fibers in our body. We need a good mix of both INSOLUBLE AND SOLUBLE fibers. INSOLUBLE fibers act like a broom to clean our wastes which are stuck to the colon wall and SOLUBLE fibers help in gathering all the wastes in the colon into sticky gunk to excrete. Cleanse goes hand in hand with CRYPTO - Natural Complete Wholesome food for Cell Nourishment. The Health food with all the nutrients we need for Optimal Health containing significant amounts of all three naturally occurring alpha, beta and gamma PPARs. The 3 isoforms of alpha, beta and gamma PPARs can potentially help in lipid metabolism, glucose homeostasis, anti-inflammation, immunoregulation and cell differentiation (cancer). It has shown major breakthrough in the treatments of metabolism syndromes (diabetes mellitus, obesity, hyper-cholesterolemia and hypertension), and cardiovascular diseases like stroke and myocardial infarction.

Many other friends have also introduced to me about Meridian product but since I have tried many different food supplement that did not gave me good result, I turned down their offer. They even offered me a box of Cleanse and Crypto, a complementary sample just for me to try and use it. But my answer is firm “NO thank you”. It was only Norman that I have given a chance; maybe it’s God’s time for me to answer all the query in my mind about health issues. And before I finally decided to be a user of this product aside of having the good result in my bowel movements I still does my research and actual checking to the present user which is not Norman’s friend of course. I want to see it to myself. To see is to believe as the saying goes... Now with this two powerful combination of CLENSE AND CRYPTO I can say that all my question in mind pertaining to good health has been answered.

Finally I had a solid reason to say “thank you” to my friend Norman Baturiano, in spite of my many criticisms in the past, he never gave up! God bless you Norman!

For more information and details about CLEANSE AND CYRPTO, please find time to read and learn more about it below. You can never go wrong using it. This is the right food supplement that everyone is waiting for. A NEW SOURCE OF CURE FOR HEALTH DISORDERS AND HEALTHY LIVING.

Peter T. C. (Munich, Germany)
“I am in charge of the operation of an international airport. My lifestyle is hectic having to attend international conferences on all continents of the world. For 3 years, I have been taking cryptomonadales chlorella daily between 20-40 tablets a day. During this period, I experienced the following:
1) My skin and hair became rather youthful (I am 63 years old).
2) My energy level remains high despite frequent 12 or 13-hour intercontinental flights.
3) Despite the food on airplanes and the food in different countries around the world, I have never even caught a cold.
Cryptomonadales chlorella is the best all around product that I have ever come across.Felicitas H. (Munich, Germany)
“For more than one year, I have been taking cryptomonadales chlorella about 20 to 30 tablets a day. My place of work is an international airport. I am in charge of several VIP hostesses who look after the arrival of heads of state such as prime ministers, ministers, kings and queens, dukes and earls, famous artists and personalities. This job requires a lot of organization and precision. The word “stress” is a mild form of expressing the tension and activity in our department.

After work I had difficulty relaxing and sleep wouldn’t come easy. In fact, I was sometimes so overworked that I could not eat my dinner. But, cryptomonadales chlorella has helped me to such an extent that I feel quite calm and relaxed after a real hard day of work. My skin complexion has become so nice and healthy looking, and my hair became so shiny and healthy. This product has saved me from becoming completely run down.”

Lucky A. (Christchurch, New Zealand)
“Since March 2003, I have been taking cryptomonadales chlorella tablets and I am happy to say that my body’s systems returned to normal. I feel relaxed and full of energy after taking the product.
It is really appreciated that this product came into my life, to restore my health and well-being.”

Brent S. (Rangiora, New Zealand)
“In March 2003, I started taking cryptomonadales chlorella tablets due to the stress I was suffering. Since taking it, I have had increased energy levels and feel generally better. Along with changing my diet, I believe that these tablets have helped me lose a little over 11 pounds in the last 2 months. I have been very pleased with this product. I have recommended it to several people: one of which was my mother who had suffered from many ailments. She has only been taking these tablets for a couple of weeks and has already found her general health has improved and she has more energy than before.”

David F. (Christchurch, New Zealand)
“In early July, 2003, I was given some small brochures, which contained information about cryptomonadales chlorella. At that time, my personal health condition was slowly deteriorating. The high strength medication prescribed by my doctor was not improving my health. I contacted the people who gave me the brochures and felt confident to try the product. I am now absolutely delighted to report I have experienced amazing results that have been achieved in just a short period of time.

I have lost 22 pounds in weight since starting to take the product. I definitely feel more positive and have much more energy than before, and strangely enough my eyesight seems to have improved. A big thanks to cryptomonadales chlorella!”

Cheryl F. (Christchurch. New Zealand)
I started taking cryptomonadales chlorella as well as changing my diet.
I can now state that after 4 weeks of taking cryptomonadales chlorella tablets and cryptomonadales chlorella growth factor extract, C.G.F., I feel so much better and my general health has really improved. I am looking forward to a long and healthy life. Thanks to Cryptomonadales chlorella.”

Sharon S, (Christchurch. New Zealand)
I want to thank you both for recommending cryptomonadales chlorella tablets for my husband.

He is only 35 years old, and for the last three years has not been very well at all. He has been backwards and forwards to the doctors, who just keep giving him different medications to try which had several side effects, which only made him worse. He was like a sixty year old man in a thirty five year old’s body.

The doctors then decided to put him on anti-depressant tablets, and I knew that they would only make him worse, and I didn’t know what to do anymore.
Thankfully you told me about the cryptomonadales chlorella tablets, which my husband has been taking for about eight months now, and is feeling like a new person. He has lost over two and a half stone in weight, and now has the energy to play sports again, and spends a lot of time doing things with our two children outside on our farm, which he could never do before. Amazing.
We now have a happy healthy husband and father, for which we are very grateful. It is certainly a load off my mind. I have recommended the tablets to many of our friends. That have witnessed how they have helped turn my husbands life around.

Thank you both once again.”

Ms.F ( Rangiora New Zealand )
For over 30 years I suffered from increasing digestive problems. Medication improved but did not cure the problem and shortness of breath became more noticeable as the years went by.

I was introduced to cryptomonadales chlorella and I have to admit I did not have great faith that they would help. After only a few days, things began to improve and now after four months I am eating and enjoying food almost normally. I have lost several kilos which was almost entirely accumulated fluid and my lung capacity is defiantly much greater. I also have a higher energy level. Also I have dropped two sizes in skirts and slacks.

Kate McArthur B.Sc.
Freshwater Biologist
I have been taking cryptomonadales chlorella for six months now. I have found that the cryptomonadales chlorella tablets have improved my energy levels, decreasing the amount of fatigue that I have previously suffered. My digestive system is better regulated and I haven’t suffered from as much gas as I normally do since taking the tablets. I have been taking cryptomonadales chlorella faithfully and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

“The first thing I noticed after taking Crypto Power chlorella for a period of time is that I never get tired. My weight has stabilized, and my immune system is functioning well because I no longer get colds. My body’s chemistries are now balanced, and my tearing eyes have cleared up.
Thanks for a great product.”

Margie (CA)”I call Crypto Power chlorella my ‘happy pills’. Chlorella gives me good energy. This is the one supplement that I take more consistently than any other.”

Melisa (FL)
“For me, the best advantage of Crypto Power chlorella is that I no longer experience high-low health and energy levels. The shakes and weakness no longer cause me to grab something to eat just in case I would pass out. When I miss taking Crypto Power chlorella 5 or more days, I begin to notice a feeling of weakness and low energy. The best side effect is I have lost 70+ pounds over the last 3 years. If I get busy or Crypto Power chlorella is not handy, I find myself snacking all day long. ”

Terry (NC)
“I just started taking Crypto Power chlorella and I have not felt this good since my early twenties. You are just a much happier person when you feel good.”

Suzanne (NM)
“Our dentist remarked on the improved health of both my husband’s and my gums. Over all, I would say our immune systems have been greatly strengthened since taking Crypto Power chlorella.”

Jan (FL)
“I am sending my comments just to give you some idea of the way I check and enhance products. I used to tell my clients, you have to stop doing things like everyone else. If you go with the flow, you go where the flow goes. And almost everyone you see is sick.

I am always looking for new and better products. When checking a new product, I give the hype a rating of 10 on a 1 to 10 scale. I then check to see how the product compares with the hype. On most things I only get zero to 6.
I don’t bother with a product unless I get at least an 8. When I found Crypto Power chlorella , that check gave me a 10, which said it may even be as good as you advertised. So I ordered some.

Then comes the actual check of the product. First, I check its frequency in Hz. That gives me a good indication of the life force of the product. To me, life force is everything. On good organic produce you get 3,000 to 10,000HZ. Some things, of course, go much higher. I got a reading of 100,000HZ on Crypto Power chlorella , which was 50,000Hz above any products I had previously found.
Needless to say, I have added it to my Super Food Mix, which is what I live on. I can’t give you any health improvement testimonials. I haven’t noticed any. I am almost 83 and in better health than I have ever been. I will continue using Crypto Power chlorella to keep it that way.”

Dr. C (TX - Retired Naturopathic Doctor)”One day, one of my three cats began to loose hair. My first impulse was to give her 2-3 tablets of Crypto Power chlorella. To my surprise, in just a few days, her hair was growing back again. We now give my cats Crypto Power chlorella as often as possible. A German shepherd dog named Tara was very sick. After taking Crypto Power chlorella,Tara began to look better, have more energy, began to be playful, her hair had shine again. Her owner and family are now taking Crypto Power themselves.”

G.G. (NY)
“Crypto Power chlorella has provided me with better digestion and freedom from constipation. Since I’ve been taking Crypto Power chlorella, I’ve never been better and more regular. Crypto Power helps to send oxygen to the bloodstream and aids in digestion. 1 can’t live without it.

Amy (WI)
“I am 55 years old and have had a sluggish digestive system most of my life. Last year, I started using Crypto Power chlorella. In about the third month, my bowel movement started really getting regular and I was feeling much more energetic. I have been taking Crypto Power chlorella for about nine months now, and I am honestly feeling better than I’ve felt in years.”

Rita (VA)
“I have been taking Crypto Power chlorella for the past several years. I have not had any colds or flu since taking them. I also seem to have more energy and stamina.”

Richard (MI)
“I originally started using chlorella because I worked in electronics and did a lot of soldering with lead. My research indicated that chlorella flushed heavy metals from the body among its many benefits. I have found that a fringe benefit of Crypto Power chlorella is my bowels are regular and I don’t suffer from periodic episodes of constipation. At 68, I have NO physical ailments and still take the stairs two at a time.”

Anthony (AZ)
“I was impressed with what I read about Crypto Power chlorella and decided to try it. My energy and mental outlook improved dramatically within a month and my immune system was also greatly enhanced.”

Carol (AK)
“I have been taking Crypto Power chlorella for about six months along with daily carrot and other vegetable juices, supplements, and conventional medicine for my condition.

Crypto Power chlorella has helped to boost my immune system, regulate my elimination and energize me. As it is a whole food, I do not take a multivitamin. I have recommended Crypto Power chlorella to others.”
Muriel (PA)”I started taking chlorella because I had all my amalgam fillings removed from my teeth and replaced with porcelain. What I found out was what a wonderful product chlorella is for your general health and well being. I soon noticed that I had exceptional stamina and endurance and felt great. I know that my immune system is strong. I can not remember having a cold or flu since taking chlorella. I prefer Crypto Power chlorella to any other chlorella product because Crypto Power works better with fewer tablets.”

Patrick (IN)
“I have used Crypto Power chlorella for years to help cleanse and detoxify my system and to maintain a state of well being. I credit my overall good general health to Crypto Power chlorella. Crypto Power chlorella also aids in keeping my bowel clear and thus free of poisons.
I have restarted my raw vegetable juicing regime and continue to use Crypto Power each and every day. This is a health routine that I plan on using the rest of my life.”

Phillip (MD)
“The loveliest testimonial for Crypto Power chlorella comes from my cat, who recognizes the excellent effects and asks for it eagerly as a treat. Trusting the intuitive craving of my feline companion, I offer her appetite for it as the most honest endorsement of all.”

Nan (MA)
“Since taking Crypto Power chlorella, I have fewer colds. If I do catch something, it is milder and of shorter duration. I also feel that I have more energy. I am 55 years old and recently went through menopause with only the mildest of symptoms. 1 also have no gray hair. Could your excellent product be helping in these areas or is it just heredity? Thank you for Crypto Power chlorella!”

Donna (VA)
“I will be happy to tell you that from taking this wonderful product, Crypto Power chlorella, I have maintained my health and stamina consistently. Even though I work with the public and am exposed to all types of colds, sneezes, flu, etc, I simply take an extra dosage of Crypto Power chlorella for a couple of days and I am perfectly fine. Crypto Power ™ chlorella provides me with energy, keeps me regular, digests foods well, keeps me healthy and going strong!”

Linda (CA)
“I have personally noticed improved eyesight since taking Crypto Power chlorella. I increase the quantity I take when I am outside working around turbine engines and I notice that my eyes go through a little detox, clearing out the pollutants I was exposed to during the day. Also, I have nicer skin texture. Every woman likes that!”

Noralie (AK)
“My family and I have been very happy with Crypto Power chlorella. Crypto Power chlorella has helped to balance my body’s chemistries. Our children have started taking it also. They feel chlorella wards off colds and boosts their immune system.”

Bobby (NY)
“Recently, I had an outstanding experience with Crypto Power chlorella that urged me to reorder after I had almost run out. I had taken a road trip for a day, intending to go to New York from Florida. After a day driving, I was very stressed out with a sick dog. I came back home the next day and noticed I just wanted Crypto Power chlorella. I felt I really needed it. Then I found out that Hurricane Wilma was coming, and during the week preceding and the time after with the power out and the noisy generators nearby and cleanup, I took Crypto Power chlorella as a staple. It must help combat stress for Crypto Power chlorella helped me overcome that very stressful period.”

Susan (TX)
Crypto Power Chlorella is nature’s perfect and wholly balanced nutrition and systemic detoxification food supplement.
Crypto Power Chlorella acts as a systemic biological mop within your blood vascular system increasing cellular oxygenation and balancing metabolic pH.*
Within the Lymphatic system, chlorella regenerates the immune capacity by providing enzyme activated vitamin, mineral and amino acid balanced components while eliminating soluble toxins.*

Cryptomonadales recommended usage:
To achieve best results, it is recommended to take a minimum of 10-15 tablets in the morning and 10-15 tablets in the evening with plenty of water. Once your health goals have been achieved, a reduction to 5-10 tablets twice a day should be sufficient. Because of potential detoxification issues we recommend you start very slowly with this product 2 to 4 tablets a day and gradually increase over a period of several weeks until you reach the dosages above.

Expected results of taking Cryptomonadales:

If Crypto Power chlorella is taken regularly as recommended - you may feel healthier 2 weeks after you reach the full dosage and good results will be achieved within and up to 120 days. Results, however, will vary with your diet and lifestyle.

Bowel Movements and Cryptomonadales:

The elimination of toxic substances from the bowel is a very important factor in achieving health. In most cases, foul smelling feces will leave the colon during the first several days after taking Crypto Power chlorella sorokiniana. To minimize the cleansing response of this product please

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