WARNING: Cryptomonadales is not Kryptoganic



Q: I suffer from a thyroid gland disturbance. Should I take Cryptomonadales?

A: Compared to salt water algae, fresh water cryptomonadales contains only very small quantities of iodine and therefore, it is unlikely to disturb the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Q: As what dosage would Cryptomonadales become harmful?

A: An over dosage of cryptomonadales is unlikely. Crypto+ is a good supplement with rich nutrient and mineral contents. Consumption of 100gm or more a day has been tested to have no harmful effects. However, people who are in a poor health may experience detoxification / healing symptoms such as running nose, rashes, diarrhea, bloating, cold sores, acne breakout, headache and fever. There is no cause for alarm, as these symptoms will subside within 7-10 days.

Q: In what way does Cryptomonadales aid in the detoxification process?

A: Crypto+ binds the toxins irreversibly on its cellular membrane and is removed as waste through the large intestine.

Q: Can Cryptomonadales be taken with tea and coffee?

A: You can drink tea and coffee when taking Crypto+.

Q: Can Cryptomonadales be taken with alcohol?

A: You can consume alcohol and take Crypto+ at the same time without any harmful side effect. In fact, Cryptomonadales can minimize the effect of an alcohol hangover.

Q: Should I look out for any side effects?

A: There are no side effects.

Q: Can I take Cryptomonadales when I have a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer?

A: Stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers occur due to excessive acid acting on the stomach and intestine walls. Crypto+ neutralizes the acids present in the stomach and intestines into a more alkaline state, thereby restoring the natural pH balance of the body.

Q: I have diabetes. Can I take Cryptomonadales?

A: There have been studies from the National Health Research Institute (NHRI), Taiwan that provides conclusive evidence that Cryptomonadales normalizes blood sugar and blood fat levels.

Q: Can children take Cryptomonadales?

A: Crypto+ can aid in the growth and development of children as young as two years of age. In fact, it is highly recommended for children to consume about 1g (5 tablets) to 2g (10 tablets) daily.

Q: Can women who are pregnant or breast-feeding take Cryptomonadales?

A: Crypto+ has tremendous nutrient, mineral and vitamin contents. It also enhances the mother’s immune system. This is especially important for women during pregnancy or when breast-feeding. The newborn baby through breast-feeding would also benefit indirectly. Cryptomonadales enhances the baby’s immune system and helps in its development.

Q: Do I need other to consume other vitamins and minerals when I am taking Crypto+?

A: Cryptomonadales is complete with all the essential vitamins and minerals. It is a complete food by itself.

Q: Can I take Cryptomonadales when I have allergies?

A: Allergies is usually a symptom of compromised autoimmune system. Crypto+ will not make your allergies worse. In fact, it would help you strengthen your autoimmune system. Crypto+ will not cause you to have allergies; rather it will help you to overcome them with diligent consumption.

Q: I wish to take Cryptomonadales as a food supplement to increase my general well being. After how long can I expect to see improved health?

A: If you take 6g (30 tablets) of crypto+ every day, you will see improved health and well being after one to three months. Generally, for sustained improvement in health, six months continuous consumption is recommended for a start.

Q: I am a heavy smoker. Can I take Cryptomonadales?

A: More so when you are a heavy smoker should you consume Crypto+ and at a higher dosage. In fact, Crypto+ can help you to get out of nicotine dependence.

Q: I suffer from low blood pressure. Can I take Cryptomonadales?

A: Crypto+ can assist in improving your condition.

Q: I suffer from acne. Can cryptomonadales help me?

A: Acne is a manifestation of your body’s toxins becoming visible. Crypto+ can definitely improve your complexion by restoring the pH balance through detoxification.

Q: Should I be wary of putting on weight with Cryptomonadales?

A: Crypto+ will help you to lose weight, instead of putting on weight. When your body has all the nutrients it needs, you will not be craving for food and overeat.

Q: As a vegetarian, how can Cryptomonadales supplement my diet?

A: Besides the rich phytonutrient contents, Crypto+ has 60% protein, as opposed to 7% in rice, 11% in wheat and 38% in soybean. It is also the richest source of vitamin B12, that vegetarians lack.

Q: I have cancer. How can Cryptomonadales help me?

A: Crypto+ contains glyconutrients that aid in the production of Natural Killer (NK) cells, which are responsible for the destruction of cancer cells.

Q: I have cancer and I have to undergo radiotherapy sessions. Can I take Cryptomonadales?

A: Crypto+ has high chlorophyll content, and can protect your tissues against harmful rays during radiotherapy sessions. Therefore, it is highly recommended for someone undergoing radiotherapy to get on Crypto+ immediately. You should start taking Crypto+ immediately without any more delay.

Q: I am having an operation in the next few days. How can Cryptomonadales be of benefit to me?

A: Crypto+ contains all twenty amino acids needed by humans, including eight essential amino acids, which are necessary for protein synthesis and tissue regeneration. In this way, it accelerates healing of the body and should be taken even before the operation.

Q: As a sports person, how can Cryptomonadales improve my physical performance?

A: Crypto+ is beneficial not only for endurance, but also for energy. Generally, for sustained physical performance, take 10g (50 tablets) daily for three months before your big event.

Q: I suffer from an autoimmune illness. Can I take Cryptomonadales?

A: Autoimmune illnesses are often a part of rheumatic ailments. Continuous consumption of Crypto+ will in fact, help to strengthen your autoimmune system and overcome these illnesses.

Q: In what way is Cryptomonadales unique?

A: Crypto+ is unique for its high chlorophyll content, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), nucleic acid as well as for its detoxification capability. Cryptomonadales contains 4.2 times as much chlorophyll as ordinary vegetables. Cryptomonadales is one of the most ideal alkaline foods. Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) not only stimulates children’s growth, but also helps with adult metabolism and synthesis of enzymes. DNA and RNA, representing the two types of nucleic acids, are essential for cell regeneration.

Q: I suffer from regular bleeding gums. How can Cryptomonadales assist in remedying my problem?

A: Bleeding gums is caused by a lack of vitamin B. 100g of Crypto+ contains: -

Vitamin B1


Vitamin B2


Niacin Nicotinic B3


Pantothenic Acid B5


Vitamin B6


Vitamin B12


Vitamin B-Complex


It is advisable for you to take 2g (10 tablets) of Crypto+ daily. Alternatively, gurgle with a solution by dissolving 1.6g (8 tablets) of Crypto+.

Q: I am slowly recovering from pneumonia. How can Cryptomonadales help me?

A: Pneumonia is the result of compromised immunity. Crypto+ can help you by strengthening your body’s immune system with high nutrient input through consumption.

Q: I have insomnia. Can Cryptomonadales help me?

A: Magnesium can aid in the restoration of restful sleep if insomnia is caused by poor nutrition, especially the lack of minerals. Crypto+ contains 290-325mg of magnesium per 100g of Crypto+. However, the extent to which the effect of Crypto+ is successful depends on the origin of your condition.

Q: If I have shingles, is it recommended for me to take Cryptomonadales?

A: Singles is caused by viral infection, and the body’s inability to fight against the viral attack due to poor immune system. By consuming Crypto+ diligently, your body’s immune system will be strengthened to overcome shingles. It is advisable to consume 4g (20 tablets) a day continuously for a period of six months to prevent recurrence.

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